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Questions you may have...


How should I dress and what footwear is recommended?

Comfortable clothes, tight enough to facilitate precise posture guidance. Please do not wear any shoes but non slip socks instead.

Oops, I'm late for the class...

For practical reasons, the class must start on time without exception. Please make it a habit to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early.

My class card expired before I could use it up completely. Can I still benefit from the remaining spots on the card?

That's no problem at all if you purchase a new card as the remaining classes will be transferred to it.

I am unable to do certain moves.

You need not worry about that as I can adapt the exercises at any time. Should you have specific needs however, I highly recommend taking private classes with me.

I am not confident about my body...

"Chez" Ania, it is not about competion but support! Did you know that Pilates reinforces the mind-body connection and overall balance? This means that the more you do Pilates, the more you will become confident with your body and the way you move. 

Is Pilates difficult?

Pilates is not especially difficult. It is real work however with real results!

What about hygiene in the Pilates studio?

After the class, each participant cleans their mat / equipment with the disinfectant spray provided.

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