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New: REFORMER private classes 
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Please call 0476 521 641 or write to 


Give yourself more strenghth, flexibility and balance!

Your women's Pilates

in Stockel:


Ania Albachre asbl

21 avenue des Crocus

1950 Kraainem


Tel : 0476 521 641

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"Chez" Ania

Hello and welcome to my Pilates studio!

My name is Ania Albachre. I am a certified Pilates instructor. Thank you for visiting my website!


Do you want to feel stronger, more flexible and balanced? I invite you to take up the challenge in a relaxing and cosy environment.


I have arranged in my home a spacious studio just for you, where I can dedicate my practice to your well-being. You are welcome for private sessions or classes in small group (max. 8 women).


I speak French, English and German. Call me and let's make an appointment!




Beginner and Advanced levels


The good news is that anyone can do Pilates.

The classes are varied and are about taking care of oneself and having a good time.

More than a sports activity...

Whatever your age or physical condition, you can:


develop a stronger back, improve your posture, flexibility, balance and core strength, liberate yourself from tensions and stress.


Pilates reinforces the deep muscles, helps perform everyday tasks more easily and helps in the practice of other sports. The philosophy of Pilates takes into account the mind-body connection. A Pilates session provides a space for yourself where you can be in the now and aligned. Not only will you be fitter, you will feel better.


During the exercises you learn to:

- focus

- breathe

- strenghten your core

- control your movements (precision and fluidity)

- tone your body


At Ania's...

- It's women-only!

- We don't try to compete. Every woman receives support

   and guidance according to her needs.

- The exercices are based on the knowledge of the body

   and how much it can give.

- All the muscle chains are stimulated.

- We seek a harmonious workout for the

   whole body, aiming at harmonious results.

- The small group sessions, not to mention the private

   classes, guarantee the best guidance possible and time



The Pilates method was created by Joseph Pilates nearly a century ago and remains widely acclaimed by the the general public and professional dancers alike, who use Pilated to reinforce their recovery capacity, vitality and well-being.




Feel free to write to me:

Ania Albachre asbl

21 avenue des Crocus, 1950 Kraainem (Stockel)

Tel : 0476 521 641

Bank Account : BE48 7380 4241 8627

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Thank you for contacting me. I will reply as soon as possible. Ania


Each private or group session has a 55-mn duration.

For the group sessions, there are 

5 classes available all year round,

excluding school holidays:

Tuesday 9h30 + 10h45

Thursday 9h30 + 10h45 + 12h00


For a small group of maximum 8 women, mat sessions with different accessories: balls, rollers, elastic bands, weights...


One-on-one private

sessions on mat, with different accessories: 

baby arch, balls, rollers, elastic bands, weights...

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